For many years we have concentrated on supporting British Industry with a range of PR and associated marketing services. We know that well-conceived and executed Press and Public Relations can be a vital asset for industry and commerce.

For approximately the price of one advertisement in the technical press per month, PR programme could reach and influence many more decision-makers and influence them in a way different from the normal campaign.

By saying that we do not suggest disregarding advertising; as ex-agency people we know it has its place in any well-planned campaign.

The style of technical press services we offer is based on sound marketing principles and are aimed at small to medium enterprises that do not require the input of major publicity organisations, or often do not have in-house marketing management.

We know it is vital to understand the customer’s product, immerse oneself in the strategy, understand the market and appreciate the varied needs of the media.

It is often the case that inexperienced PR practitioners operate in a vacuum, disregarding these essential aspects of campaigning.

Currently for clients we offer marketing strategy and execution, editorial feature stories, positioning ideas, brochure and literature design and print, exhibition planning and execution, telemarketing and research as well as the standard press and public relations processes.

With many years in B2B communications there is hardly an industrial product or discipline that the company has not worked with or a publication category with which we are not familiar.

Bob Cray and Gavin Sandeman look forward to bringing their skills and experience to bear on the promotion of your company and its products.